What happened when we had a dream?

Ever dream of doing something?  What does it take to make it happen?  One small choice at a time.  Whether it is getting out of bed, making a phone call, having that difficult conversation, weeding the garden when you don't feel like it, or even a small compliment, these are things that lead to your dream. 

We kept the end in mind.  Juicy, tasty, naturally grown strawberries.  Keeping the end in mind keeps you moving towards your goal. 

Now we have enjoyed our small family farm near Dixie, Washington for nearly 10 years.  Well, we have enjoyed it longer than that, but actively farming began in 2014.  Specializing in naturally grown strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, garlic, microgreens, salad greens, and vegetables keeps us growing in countless ways.

John believes the future is in the soil.  The better the soil, the better the produce, and the better you are by eating it.  We follow organic practices.  Additionally, we avoid second-hand introduction of harmful pesticides and herbicides from other sources such as manures.  These are all choices.

Lana loves organizing, harvesting, and bringing this fabulous produce to you!  The Ash kids are now grown and following their own growing pursuits and dreams.  Now other youth, families, and team members bring produce to you each week.

What is our end goal?  We strive to keep you fully nourished!  Checkout what is in the store today.

What is your dream?  What are you keeping in mind as your end goal?