Update 6/19/24: We are no longer taking orders for flats.  The picking was pretty low this morning.  So, sorry to say, but we will not be doing u-pick any more this season. It was short and sweet. (:  We will still have a few pints, but not enough berries to open for u-pick.  The raspberries will be on in abundance in 1-2 weeks.

Blackberries: 2/3 of our blackberries got hit hard with the very freezing weather this winter, so we may not get as many blackberries this summer.  This is the first time in the 10 years of growing them that this has happened.

Raspberries: The raspberries are looking very happy and will likely start in earnest.  We will likely have a few raspberries at farmer's market starting 6/20!

June - Strawberries (u-pick 2-3 times)

July/August - Blackberries (we-pick)

July/August/September - Raspberries (we-pick)