Open for u-pick this week:

Sunday evening 4-7 pm
Tuesday morning 8:00 - 11:30 am

Thursday morning 8:00 - 11:30 am

Yes, a couple of the fields are slowing down, but there are gems to be found...look under the leaves!

U-pick $2.75/lb.

For the safety of our u-pick customers and staff:
—Please do not come berry picking if you have any sick symptoms.
—Respect social distancing.
—Hand-washing stations provided near the field.
—Wash hands before & after entering the field.
—Wash hands if/after using the porta-potty.
—Keep your children in your section & with you at all times in the field.
—We will provide boxes to pick into. Do not bring your own containers! Recycled boxes will be free, new flat boxes are $1.25 each.
—Please leave your pets at home.
—Rows reserved for pre-picked berries are NOT available to the public.
—Grown without herbicides or pesticides.
—Cash, checks, & cards accepted.
—To reserve a pre-picked flat, call or text Lana @ 509-869-1419. Pre-picked 12-pint flats are $37.
—Watch Facebook or for further announcements.

Blackberries available in late July & August.