What are garlic scapes & how to enjoy them?

What are garlic scapes & how to enjoy them?

What are garlic scapes?  The hard-neck variety of garlic sends out a shoot that can get long and curly (or straight and tall on Elephant garlic) and oh so tasty. 

It is edible!!!  Have you tried any yet?  You don't want to leave them on your garlic plants or it uses up the energy of the plant and you get smaller garlic heads. 

So, pluck off those garlic scapes before they start to split and get tough.  Get them before they "escape." (: 

What tasty things can I do with garlic scapes?
The good news about garlic scapes is that they are SOOO easy to use...
  • Simply chop them up like green onions.  No need to clean off any extra skin like you do with onions. 
  • They last a long time in your refrigerator!
  • You can chop and freeze for later use.
  • They give a garlic flavor (not quite as strong as garlic). 
  • For more garlic punch, use it raw.  For less spice, us the Elephant garlic scapes or use it in cooking.
You know, these tasty treats remind me of bothersome things.  It can be easy to want to escape doing the unpleasant tasks or interacting with unpleasant people.  Like the garlic scape, if you do that for long, it gets away and doesn't do you any good.

When I tell myself, "I can tackle this thing for 5 minutes." It's amazing how a little annoying task you've been avoiding is now behind you and you feel accomplished.

You may think garlic is unpleasant or taking the scapes off is a bothersome task.  But, changing our focus to all the benefits of garlic, the things we can do with them, the happy smiles of people eating your new dish...pretty soon you're lovin it!!!  You garlic lovers know what I'm talking about.

Did you know the same can go for people?  Do you have a person in your day that you think is a little annoying or hurtful? 

Think of all the things you like about the person, even one little item. Don't let one negative comment escape about him/her.   It will turn the flavor of your day to FANTASTIC (see the recipe below).

Even if it doesn't "change" the individual, it will change you, which eventually makes good flavors come out in people around you.  The dish of your day CAN be delicious. (:

Escape to goodness,