My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets & Practical Gift Ideas

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets & Practical Gift Ideas

Ah, I love to have just what I need in the kitchen and not a bunch of useless gadgets that just get in the way...peak in my drawer.

One year, I sorted through all my kitchen utensils and put all the "useless" items in a box and eventually gave those away. 

It felt SOOOO good and was much easier to close the drawers, keep clean, and enjoy.

Hmmm, Christmas is coming up faster than I'm ready for.  Do you ever feel that way?  Well, these useful kitchen gadgets just might give you some great gift ideas for that special person AND help you love being in your kitchen.

I use these daily or weekly, so they are totally practical and a blessing.

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

(I put links to some of the items. No, I'm not getting anything for it, just sharing as my gift to you.)

  1. Excellent knives -- Big one, medium serrated one, shorter knife, and small serrated one are all that I really need.  I have learned not to make-do with cheap knives. They just don't cut it!  Look for ones that are "high carbon steel." Spend the money and have a few good ones (made out of high quality metal)!!!
  2. Instapot -- Love this invention!  I was afraid of how to use it at first, but get a friend to tell you and profit from the time & health it saves you.
  3. Dish Scrubby & silicon soap dish -- These are easy to clean and last a LONG time.  Worth the price!  Absolutely love them!
  4. Metal measuring cups & spoons -- They last longer!
  5. Vitamix Blender -- Yes, it is expensive, but we use it 2-3 times a day for smoothies, sauces, grinding nuts, creams, grinding a little grain for cooked cereal, grinding dried garlic to make powder, etc.  Totally worth it!
  6. Hand Soap Foamer -- Pretty cheap, makes the soap last longer, and so easy to use.  I bought some dispensers and a gallon of soap filler on Amazon.
  7. Citrus Zester Tool -- Really easy to use and clean.  Mine is made by Microplane.  Zesty invention!
  8. Knife sharpener -- Makes my cooking easy and a joy rather than struggling to get an item cut.
  9. Quality Stainless Steal Pots -- I can really scrape on them and no harmful flakes come off when I'm cooking.  I can then use metal spatulas that won't accidentally melt or brake as easily as the plastic ones. 
  10. Cast Iron Fry Pan -- Again, no aluminum or teflon pieces running around loose in my body.  Just "season" the pan nice, don't leave it a long time to soak, and don't scrape away the "seasoning" of the pan when you are cleaning it...serves me real well. 
  11. Canning jars, rings, & lids -- We drink out of these, use them for leftover shakes, creams, dressings, can use to grow sprouts, and even use the rings for shaping patties.
  12. Scoop for Bulk Goods -- I have several buckets of bulk grains and beans, so I keep a nice medium sized scoop sitting on top of my bulk bins.  Then I don't have to run find a clean measuring cup when I'm scooping out a bulk item.  The scoop on this link is even magnetic!
  13. Chip Bag Clips (like these) -- No one likes dried out chips or spilled ones on the floor!  Some clips work better than others or easily break.  We have liked these the best.
  14. Rechargeable Head Lamp -- This is a bonus that hangs on a hook near my kitchen.  No, I don't need it to cook, but it is SOOOO useful that I just had to include it as one of my favorite gadgets.  This one keeps its charge, is bright, and no more buying batteries.  I use it for farm chores, going on a walk early in the morning, bringing on a trip, etc.  Hint, just so YOUR headlamp doesn't disappear, get a pack of them so you each have one.
  15. Small Metal Spatula -- These are super handy for cornbread, cookies, brownies, and lasagna. 

Happy holidays to you and enjoy your new gadget!