"Lettuce" Be Happy!

"Lettuce" Be Happy!

Do you ever have your down moments, especially when things don't go as planned? 

Well, you are not alone.  Farm life is full of the unexpected!!!  I have had tempting thoughts like that recently with unexpected things happening.  This week, lettuce and Red Kuri squash have something to do with it. 

Most of our Red Kuri squash was enjoyed by gophers.  Yes, they liked them too and at least 1/2 of the crop have their little teeth marks in the squash.  How sad!  So, looking on the bright side, we'll have a 2nds sale coming up soon.

I keep being reminded of the fact that it never helps me to stay in "down thoughts."  What thoughts help me get out of the "down" moments? 
Did you know that our thoughts actually affect our physical body?  Not just good food, exercise, etc. help my body, but my THOUGHTS

Did you know that ruminating (kinda like a goat chewing their cud on something) on an issue makes it worse for your ability to solve the problem AND it actually makes it hard on your body.

Here's a real life example from just last week. At the end of a full day of farming, I crawled into bed with my dear husband.  It felt SO good to lay down after a full day of activity! 
I was happy.
I had handled some challenges in the day very nicely. 
Then I started recalling details to John about my day.  But, I started telling him more of the frustrations of the day.  Pretty soon I noticed I was feeling all stressed and tense and it was hard to get to sleep. 
What happened to all those nice, happy, restful feelings, and enjoying my comfy bed?  Simply by dwelling on the negative moments of the day, my body responded and was now all unhappy.  
Hmmm, what can I learn from this? 
Yet another great illustration that our THOUGHTS really affect our physical well being.  Not just getting good exercise, healthy food, etc., but our THOUGHTS.
So, here's how you can get out of those negative thought patterns and actually think thoughts that will serve you well. 
Replace negative thoughts with one of these...tell yourself...
  • This is normal.  Expect glitches to come up in life, then you don't get so frustrated about it.  Really, since when was life 100% perfect?
  • What can I learn from this?
  • What can I do differently next time?
  • Think of 3 things to be grateful for about it.  Thoughts create feelings, which then create positive actions.
  • Actively do something about it.  I once read that active stress (doing something about the situation) is much better for our bodies than passive stress (sitting there stewing about it).
  • Call on Jesus.  It is the highest power in the universe!  Yes, just talk to Him and ask Him for help, even if it is just "Jesus, I'm calling on you in this moment. What thought do you want me to think?"
Enjoy fixing your thoughts and "Let Us" experience happy!