Cool Coconut Ice Cream

Cool Coconut Ice Cream

Alrighty! It’s time to whip out that old, dusty ice cream maker (or you can run it through a Champion Juicer) and make some yummy coconut ice cream!

This ice cream will taste delightfully sweet and melt in your mouth with flavor that will make your tastebuds happy! 

You may be thinking, why make ice-cream? I have to throw the jeans in the laundry, make dinner, exercise at the gym, clean up my house, and work at my job all how will I have time to do this?

I have a question for you: Do you have fond memories of eating homemade ice cream or popsicles as a kid? I sure do! Nothing was better on a hot summer day than sitting on our swings under the shade trees, happily slurping my pineapple coconut popsicle. So one good reason to make this recipe is to make more happy memories like this for you own family! Get the kids involved and make this a family event to make ice cream!

With the summer heat, why not use this healthy alternative instead of the typical sugar-loaded ice cream. Then you can eat just as much as you want without feeling guilty!!--(in theory haha)

So whether it’s making this ice cream for memories, healthy dessert alternatives, or whatever...just get in your kitchen and make some ice cream! Can't you just taste that first spoonful in your mouth?

Oh, and take a picture with a fresh raspberry on top.  This is our family favorite!

Cool Coconut Ice Cream

1 can coconut milk (or use 3 cups soy milk instead and omit the 1 cup water)

1 cup water

½ cup cashews

½ cup pitted dates

½ cup honey (2/3 cup sugar may be used in place of the dates and honey)

2 teaspoons vanilla

½ tsp salt

1 tray ice cubes

water as needed to make 5 cups total mixture

1. Blend all the ingredients (except ice cubes) in a blender until very smooth. There should be no grittiness when a drop of the mixture is felt between your thumb and finger.

2. Add ice cubes and blend until smooth (speeds chilling time). Add more water as needed to make 5 cups total mix.

3. Pour into ice-cream maker and freeze according to its directions. (Or pour into a shallow pan and freeze. When ready to use, thaw slightly until just soft enough to cut into squares. Place in a blender with enough soy milk or water to blend into the consistency of soft ice cream. Or push through a Champion Juicer machine to get the sorbet affect.)

4. Spoon into containers as soon as the mix is done (if the ice cream is left in an ice-cream maker, some will freeze to the container and become hard). Store in freezer until ready to use.