20 Simple Ways to Speak Love AND Care

20 Simple Ways to Speak Love AND Care

Do you ever feel stumped on how to show someone special that you really love him or her? 

Maybe it comes easy for you.  Not always easy for me.

Do you want to show someone you care, even though she is a little prickly in character?

The more I reach out and figure out how to speak love to others, the happier the world around me becomes. 

True, we don't always feel like "being nice", but why not focus on how happy I am inside when I enjoy the process of showing love to my special people?

While I was doing some farm planning, my Mom called.  We had a lovely chat.  In the course of the conversation she mentioned she was making a pie today. 

I had been wanting to make something special for my husband today...some simple little things to show "I love you." Then, ideas started coming to my mind. 

Here's a few ideas to spur you on in speaking more love to your family, friends, husband, or wife.

20 Simple Ways to Speak Love AND Care
1.  Think about what is meaningful to _____ and do it.
2.  Actually write down the idea on today's to-do list so you make it more of a priority.
3.  Take time to just be with the person, chat, watch them do something, or do an activity together. 
4.  Notice the person with positive words.
5.  Recount a time you enjoyed being together.
6.  Listen.  Be curious about their life.  Ask questions.
7.  Get a little gift...just because...wrap it up, and leave it where they will find it. 
8.  Do a random act of kindness.
9.  Show affection.  Hug, kiss, shake hands, back rub, wink, smile, etc.
10.  Don't scroll and talk.  Look at their face!  Make it REAL face time.
11.  Be spontaneous.
12.  Ask for advice.  People like to know their thoughts matter.
13.  Acknowledge when life has been hard.  Say, "sorry life hasn't been easy for you."
14.  Ask, "how are you really doing?"
15.  Do something that adds fun and value to YOUR life.  This gives you more energy to show care to others.
16.  Use "Duct Tape" on your mouth for anything negative about the person for a day, week, repeat.  Yes, this can be tough at times, but it certainly helps me and my loved ones!
17.  Welcome them with open arms when they walk in the door.
18.  Tell them "I miss you."
19.  Say, "You know what I like about you?" and happily recount something.
20.  Thank them for everything you can.

The rest of the story...

I ended up making a pretty meal with Armenian Lentil Soup, vegan sour cream, gluten-free crackers, Carob Chews, and a few pretty touches on a little table for two.

Yes, the table-cloth needed ironing.  I decided it didn't have to be quite that perfect of a meal today.  This farm couple still had a fun time!

Hope you help make someone else's day special TODAY. Why not show someone how you "carrot" about them with these cards of "love" from around the farm?

P.S.  That striped heart in the picture is a slice of Chioggia Beet from the fall harvest. (:  Yup, it's a simple idea you can do.