Mint, Berries & Cream - .5 oz

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These fresh leaves offer a mild, fruity menthol aroma and a minty, sweet yet subtle berry-like flavor. A perfect garnish for fruit dishes and summer drinks. Blend leaves into fruit smoothies, steep in hot water to make tea, or finely chop for use in sauces or drizzles for ice cream and desserts. You can even use Berries and Cream mint to add a mild, fruity mint flavor to baked goods like chocolate chip cookies or muffins. Mint can be added to savory dishes and is known for complimenting cucumber, green onion, avocado, pistachio, basil, oregano, and thyme. Note that it is best to add mint leaves toward the end of cooking to retain the most flavor. As the name implies, Berries and Cream mint also pairs nicely with both berries and cream, as well as figs, dates, chocolate, jelly or jam, melon, and cheeses.

This comes in a little slip-pack container.