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Sign up to receive microgreens on a weekly or bi-weekly basis!  Microgreens are typically grown to order and delivered weekly to homes, workplaces, markets, restaurants, and fitness centers.  We deliver every Thursday afternoon to College Place and Walla Walla.  Your first delivery will occur in 1-2 weeks after you place your order.  You can cancel at any time.  Microgreens listed for sale on this website are overproduction of our subscriptions, so if we look like we are out of stock, it's because these veggies are so precious that we like to grow them to order.

For home deliveries, just place a cooler in an easy-to-find spot outside your home preferably in the shade, any time before 1:30 pm on Thursday. 

All our microgreens are grown in organic soil for a rich flavor and best of nutrients.  Harvested within 24 hours or less.  Cut with care and following Covid 19 precautions.  Our micros are grown in their own little "Micro House."  Shelf-life is typically 2+ weeks.  Our microgreens are quite clean.  We do not pre-wash the greens to extend shelf-life.



Step 1:  Text or call us at 509-869-1419

Step 2: 
Tell us what you want us to grow for you each week (see selection below).
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Step 3:  You will get an email or text reminder the day before your delivery if requested.
You will receive an invoice via email each week and pay online.


Pea Microgreens, 4 oz, $8
Sunflower Microgreens, 4 oz, $8
Broccoli Microgreens, 4 oz, $16
Kohlrabi Microgreens, 4 oz, $16
Pac Choi Microgreens, 4 oz, $16
Radish Microgreens, 4 oz, $16
Mild Mix Microgreens, 4 oz, $20
Red Cabbage, 4 oz $20
Surprise Package Micros, 4 oz, $16
Fava Shoots, 4 oz, $10

You may also order any extra product we have available this week: