Our Story

We operate a small family farm near Dixie, Washington.  We specialize in naturally grown U-pick strawberries, blackberries, garlic, microgreens, salad greens, and vegetables.  Our family started the grand adventure of growing and selling u-pick strawberries in 2014.  It has been an excellent learning opportunity, a blessing to be outside and int the dirt, and a growing experience!

John believes the future is in the soil.  The better the soil, the better the produce, and the better you are in eating it.  We follow organic practices.  Additionally, we avoid second-hand introduction of harmful pesticides and herbicides from other sources such as manures.  Lana loves organizing, harvesting, and bringing this fabulous produce to you!  The Ash kids are now grown and following their own growing pursuits and dreams.  Now other youth, families, and team members bring produce to you each week.

Join our team in building healthier families, communities, and environment with high nutrient produce.

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